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Height: 30-60' high and wide

Light: Full sun to part shade

Soil: Moist to wet

Bloom: Yellowish-green catkins March-April

Foliage: Narrow, medium to dark green, deciduous

Landscape: Rain garden, moist areas, near ponds and streams; good for soil stabilization.

Resistance: Deer, wet

More information and native range here

Willow, Black

10 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High

    Larval host: Mourning Cloak, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple and Tiger Swallowtail butterflies; special value to native bees; food and shelter for songbirds.

    Lovely drooping branches; a large tree that can get up to 70 feet tall and a pollinator powerhouse.  Willows are among Keystone Plants, those that feed the largest numbers of pollinators.   Beautiful in a wet area of the yards and as part of a native or pollinator garden.

    Willows should be planted away from sewer lines and in areas where the soil is not likely to dry out.

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