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Height: 3-5'; 2-3' spread

Light: Sun or part sun

Soil: moist or wet

Blooms: Yellow rays, yellow center, fall

Landscape: Wild, butterfly or rain garden

Pair With: New England Aster, Joe Pye Weed

Resistance: Deer

Spread: Rhizomes

Fun fact: The genus name, Helenium, refers to Helen of Troy. Legend has it that the flowers sprang from the ground where Helen's tears fell. (U.S. Forest Service)

Native range and additional photos and information here


1 Quart
  • Pollinator value: Very High.  Host for the Dainty Sulphur and Blackberry Looper.  Attracts butterflies, beetles, native bees.

    The leaves were once used to make a snuff that caused sneezing, intended to rid the body of evil spirits.


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