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Hello Native Tree Lovers!  

Our Mid-Summer Sale continues THIS WEEKEND and runs through Sunday, Aug. 4.

15% off your entire purchase

What's on Sale?

Everything we have!  Choose from broadleaf and evergreen trees, fruiting and flowering shrubs, herbaceous perennials, grasses and sedges.

Isn't it too hot to plant during the summer?

Not at all! Native, potted plants grown outdoors are used to the climate and will transplant well from the pot to the ground.  

Native plants are growing like crazy during the summer and likely will leaf out and bloom relatively quickly--great for your garden AND all the pollinators, which are especially active during the summer.

What about all the watering?

Unlike nonnatives, which need to be watered regularly for months at a time, native plants should need regular water for just two to three weeks after planting.  After that, check periodically and water only when necessary.

Your Comfort and Theirs

It’s generally best to plant during the cooler hours of the day or on cloudy days.

Tree Roots

The benefits of mulch for tree roots cannot be overstated.  Mulch helps retain moisture and keep the roots cool on hot summer days.  Mulch over the roots but keep the entire trunk, to the top of the roots, open to the air.


Hello Native Tree Lovers!
We are open!

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