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     As beautiful as the photos are, Butterfly Milkweed is one of those plants you have to see to believe.  Its striking orange flowers bloom all summer long, and it grows in a lovely mounded shape.


     Like other Milkweeds, Butterfly Milkweed is the sole larval host of Monarch Butterfly caterpillars.   A true butterfly magnet, Butterfly Milkweed also hosts larva of the Gray Hairstreak and Queen butterflies. 


     Hummingbirds love Butterfly Milkweed, and it is of special value to native bees and bumble bees.


     Butterfly Milkweed is drought resistant and behaves well in even a small garden as long as it gets sun and is able to keep its roots dry.  If it looks like its failing, it may be getting too much water.   

    Milkweed, Butterfly

    SKU: AT02-SS
    1 Gallon
      • Latin: Asclepias tuberosa
      • Pollinator value:  Very high
      • Height: 1 to 2.5 feet; grows in clumps
      • Spacing: 2 feet
      • Light: Full sun
      • Soil: Dry to medium
      • Landscape uses: Monarch habitat, Butterfly garden, rock garden, naturalized areas. Also good in sunny border areas or slopes.
      • Pair with: Little Bluestem, Purple Coneflower, Brown-Eyed Susan, Golden Alexanders.
      • Deer resistance: High
      • Fun fact: Also known as Pleurisy root because Native Americans chewed the roots as a cure for lung ailments.


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