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     Coral Honeysuckle is one of the most beautiful and sought-after vines.  It's relatively easy to control and not too heavy; it's one of the longest of the bloomers, from late spring often into late fall; and it attracts a lot of wildlife including hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and songbirds, which feed on the late summer, red berries.


     You can do so much with Coral Honeysuckle.  Train it along a fence or deck railing, allow it to sprawl like a ground cover, leave it cascading over evergreen bushes and fences.  


     What Coral Honeysuckle may lack in fall foliage it makes up for with its long-blooming, trumpet-shaped flowers and lovely red fruits.


     For more on Coral Honeysuckle, read our blog here.

Honeysuckle, Coral (Vine)

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Lonicera sempervirens
    • Pollinator value: High
    • Current height (length of vine): 3-5 feet
    • Mature length: 10-20-foot vine
    • Light: Best in full sun
    • Soil: Moist, well drained
    • Bloom: Trumpet-shaped, orangy-red to hot pink flowers March-July, often into fall
    • Foliage: Deciduous; no significant fall color
    • Landscape: Trellis, patio railing, sprawling groundcover
    • Resistance: Deer, black walnut
    • Native range here


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