• Our size: 4-6 feet
  • Mature size: 10-15 feet
  • Light: sun or shade
  • Soil: dry
  • Attractive and graceful purple stems; green compound leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall.
  • Best planted in a large area where the sumac can colonize; great for dry slopes and other hard-to-plant areas.

Sumac, Smooth

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High

    Attracts Monarchs and butterflies; larval host for the Hairstreak butterfly; feeds birds and mammals; special value to native bees.

    "Native sumacs are important wildlife plants, providing winter food for many upland gamebirds, songbirds, and large and small mammals" -- Wildflower.org

    Fruits, on the female, can be squeezed to quench thirst or make a drink similar to lemonade.

    Forms thickets; great natural screen.Good for stabilizing streambanks and poor soil areas.

    "Perhaps no native plant is as flamboyant as smooth sumac in autumn, when large colonies create blankes of fluorescent yellows and reds along the highways and byways of America." -- Michael Dirr