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     Sundrops, or Narrow-leaved Evening Primrose, features large yellow flowers that open in spring on red buds and stems tinged with red.


     Each bloom lasts just a day, but a profusion of blooms follows as each one fades, creating a carpet of yellow in a sunny garden.


     Sundrops feeds all sorts of pollinators including butterflies, moths, beetles and native bees. This plant makes a great ground cover and is happiest when given room to spread out.


     Photos: Creative Commons

Sundrops / Evening Primrose

1 Quart
    • Latin: Oenothera fructicosa
    • Pollinator value: Very High
    • Height: 1-2 feet tall, 1-3 feet spread
    • Spacing: 2 feet
    • Light: Full sun
    • Soil: Dry, well drained
    • Bloom: Yellow, April through August
    • Foliage: Evergreen, Purple fall
    • Pair with: Blue-eyed grass
    • Landscape: Groundcover, butterfly garden
    • Resistance: Deer
    • Native range here
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