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     There's nothing like having a garden filled with color all year round.


     With this kit, for year-round blooms, your garden will come alive by early spring with Downy Serviceberry and its frothy white blooms.


     By early April get ready for yellow as Spicebush comes alive.  By late April the most beautiful native tree of all, Flowering Dogwood, is in full bloom.


     Elderberry unfurls its lovely white petals by May and June, followed swiftly by Buttonbush, with its fun pin-cushion-like flowers all summer.


     There aren't many trees that bloom in late summer -- and this is where Mountain Gordlinia (a cultivar) comes in, not only with camellia-like blooms in August and September but also foliage turning from medium green to fiery reds.


     Think the end is coming?  Not so.  Witch Hazel stretches out its yellow paper-like flowers in October, providing pollen to those few cold-hardy flying things right through early winter.


     Nearby, Red Twig Dogwood, also a spring bloomer, shows off its bright red twigs all winter long, looking dashing against the winter snow. 


For Year-Round Blooms

  •      Bloom times are in parentheses.  Some of these plants require more moisture than others.  If you're concerned about your soil conditions, let us know, and we'll help you put together a flowering kit.

         Here is our standard kit:

    • Serviceberry (1-2 weeks March-May) ($75)
    • Spicebush (April-May) (1 gallon, $25)
    • Flowering Dogwood (April-May) ($75)
    • Elderberry (June-July) ($45)
    • Buttonbush (July-September) (pictured) ($75)
    • Mountain Gordlinia (August-October) ($125)
    • Witch Hazel (October-December) ($45)
    • Red Twig Dogwood (red stems all winter) (pictured) ($45)

    8 plants, $510, minus 10% from individual purchases = $459.

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