• Height: 75-100 feet; 50 feet wide

  • Bloom time: spring; bright yellow fall leaves

  • Attracts: birds and mammals

  • Growing conditions: Well-drained soil and full sun; gains 1-2' per year


Fun fact: ☺ Native Americans used the nuts for food and boiled the tree sap for syrup. They also reportedly threw the husks into ponds to poison fish, making them easier to catch.


Black Walnut

5 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Medium. Attracts birds, butterflies.  Moth larval host.

    Makes a great shade tree;  grows 50 feet and taller, and its fern-like foliage provides light, airy shade.

    Its fruit drops in the fall, and the “meat” inside can be dried and eaten raw, baked into cookies or ground into a flour. 

    Fall leaves turn bright yellow; bark is dark brown