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  • Mature height: 15-25 feet

  • Light: full sun to part shade

  • Soil: medium, adaptable

  • Bloom: March to April, white

  • Fruit: bluish, late summer (one for fruit)

  • Leaf: yellow, orange, red fall

Fun fact: ☺ There are references to Serviceberry referring to the Appalachian tradition of holding memorial services for the dead that coincided with the budding of the serviceberry flowers. 



Serviceberry, Downy

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Medium.  Attracts birds; special value to native bees.

    One of the largest of the native Serviceberries, the Downy features showy, 5-petaled, fragrant white flowers in drooping clusters appearing just before the leaves come out. 

    The flowers give way to berries -- Juneberries -- that mature to a dark purple in early summer.  They’re like blueberries and often used in jams and pies.