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  • Form: Multi-stemmed shrub or small tree

  • Height: 15-25 feet; 8-15 feet wide; 

  • Light: full sun to part shade

  • Soil: medium, adaptable

  • Bloom: March to April, white, fragrant, 5-petaled

  • Fruit: bluish, late summer (one for fruit), edible

  • Leaf: yellow, orange, red fall

  • Landscape: Specimen, slope, walkway, native or pollinator garden

  • Resistance: Deer, wet soil

  • More information and native range here

Fun fact: ☺ There are references to Serviceberry referring to the Appalachian tradition of holding memorial services for the dead that coincided with the budding of the serviceberry flowers. 


Serviceberry, Downy

5 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Medium.  Attracts birds; special value to native bees; larval host to several moth species.

    An ideal and beautiful canopied tree that suits many locations.  It's one of the largest of the native Serviceberries and features showy, fragrant flowers in drooping clusters appearing just before the leaves come out. 

    The flowers give way to berries -- Juneberries -- that mature to a dark purple in early summer.  They’re like blueberries and often used in jams and pies.  

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