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     Switchgrass is a beautiful tall grass with bluish summer hues and purplish fall flower panicles that look like they're hovering like a cloud.  Its blades turn yellow-orange in fall.


     Switchgrass makes a great hedge or screen, and it can work in a garden as a tall accent.


     With its High pollinator values, Switchgrass also provides nesting and structure for bees, and it is a larval host to Leonard's Skipper.  Small mammals seek it out as a winter food source.


    Switchgrass also responds well to early spring pruning.


     For more on Switchgrass read our post here


    SKU: PV01-SS
    1 Quart
      • Latin: Panicum virgatum
      • Height: 3-6 feet
      • Spacing: 3 feet
      • Light: Best in full sun
      • Soil: Moist, occasionally wet or dry
      • Bloom: Purple late-summer seed heads
      • Landscape: Screen or accent, native or water garden
      • Resistance: Deer, Black Walnut
      • Native range here
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